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Mother and Son

24th March - 1st April 2023
The Old Courthouse
Cnr. East and Roderick Streets,
Ipswich QLD 4305

From the creator of the hit TV series comes a delightful
stage comedy featuring your favourite characters Maggie, Arthur, Robert and
Liz. Geoffrey Atherden penned the first episodes of ‘Mother & Son’ in 1984,
creating an instant classic. Many years later he has put a fresh spin on this
family favourite and brought it into the 21st Century!


Ipswich Musical Theatre Company is proud to present this
reinvigorated Australian comedy icon which showcases Atherden’s distinctive
brand of acerbic wit, mixing together the sweet, the savage and the sentimental
in Maggie and Arthur’s complex, dysfunctional relationship.


This recently written version of the beloved Logie
Award-winning series finds longsuffering second son, Arthur Beare, hoping for
the chance to finally take his new flame Anita away on a little holiday. His
only chance for a break, however, involves recruiting help from his selfish
brother Robert – but the firstborn favourite has enough trouble of his own.


MAGGIE  —  Martie Blanchett

ARTHUR  —  Michael Lawrence

ROBERT  —  Shane Mallory

LIZ  —  EJ Campbell

ANITA  —  Stephanie Collins

MONICA  —  Susan Glosko

STEPH / RITA  —  Olivia Bird

BRONTE  —  Shivawn Macdonald-Mall

JARROD  —  Jesse Frommelt

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